Unlike other club rides, Mission Cycling rides aren’t “led.” The rides aren’t any sort of official event and there aren’t ride leaders. These are  just set times to meet up with folks interested in getting some miles in. Ride distance and pace will vary depending on who you end up riding with – we’ll leave it to you to set it up – always plenty of opportunities to stop for coffee and regroup.

Keep in mind that these aren’t official events in any way. You’re responsible for yourself, your own safety and especially the safety of those around you. Please wear a helmet, obey the rules and ride safely and sensibly.

Tues/Thurs: Headlands Raiders

6:10am from 17th/Sanchez
6:30am from Arguello Gate in the Presidio
Quick ride to Hawk Hill. Coffee follows.

Saturday Club Ride

9:00am from Craftsman and Wolves (746 Valencia St)
9:30am from GG Bridge (Southside)

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Mellower, recovery ride pace. Casual attendance.
10:30am from GG Bridge (Southside)