10 Years of Mission Cycling

2017. 10 Years. Whoa. Back in 2007, when the only even semi-organized cycling that was going on in San Francisco was based solely around racing, we had the idea to create a cycling club that focused purely on getting out for rewarding rides with other folks. We figured that if we were looking for a club like that, there must be others out there. 

Ten years later, here we are. Ten years of connecting people through a shared interest in cycling. In that time, we've met all kinds of amazing people, worked with inspiring partners, ridden our bikes all over the world and watched as strangers became great friends (in some cases they even got married).

We look forward to seeing you on the road.

Ride with us in 2017

There are several rides happening each week. Best way to find out what's going on is to come out to the club ride on Saturdays, meet some folks and hear what's going on.


The Saturday Club Ride

Roll from:
South side of the Golden Gate Bridge 9:40 am
We also have several other rides each week. Come along on a ride and ask about the other times...

Our club ride is an opportunity to meet up with other riders and decide what you're up for on the day. Rides are typically pretty swift and range between 35 - 80 miles depending on schedules and hangovers. Anyone is welcome to join.