So you’ve joined Mission Cycling for 2017.  You seem like a very nice person.  Now what?  Let’s start with riding your bike.  


We have 4 scheduled rides per week [insert link to rides].  Remember, these are not “led” rides - just meetup places and times where you know you'll be able to find an MC rider to ride with. We'll leave it up to you to figure out what you're up for on the day.

  • Raid Tuesday and Thursday
    Rolls 6:10am from 17th and Sanchez, Wiggle, 6:30 from Arguello Gate - straight to the top of the Headlands. Then coffee.

  • The Saturday Ride
    Rolls 9:00am from Craftsman and Wolves on Valencia, 9:30ish from the GG Bridge. Pace, route, distance decided on the day.

  • Easy Like Sunday Morning Ride
    Very informal meetups - 10:00am from Craftsman and Wolves, 10:40 from the GG Bridge. Take it easy.



We have a couple already scheduled:

  • Dirt Ride & Monk’s Kettle : February 11th, 9am.
    Leave from Craftsman & Wolves and bring your dirt and rock riding bicycle.  And $25 for post ride food and drink.

  • Mad Marchness : Saturday, April 15th.
    The classic ride to Santa Cruz.  Eat burgers, fries and drink beer.  Don’t be that guy who is over-served (like Tony).  Be bussed back.

  • Stay tuned for some email announcements other member’s only events.

  • Does anybody have any Tae Bo tapes I can borrow?

Kit Order:

  • The new kit will be coming soon - again from our friends at Milltag.  Stay tuned for link to order where you’ll get a pretty good discount for being a Mission Cycling member.  

Member’s Only Email List:

  • We'll add you to the the Mission Cycling member email list.  Schedule rides, sell equipment, whatever.  You can take it from here.